Pastor Ezra & First Lady Kinlow

Pastor Ezra & First Lady Kinlow

Moved to Tacoma, Washington 1960 and there he gave his life to Jesus Christ. He worshiped and served at New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Bishop T.L. Westbrook. He was ordained into the ministry in 1975. He was called to pastoral ship in 1981 by the Holy Temple Church of God in Christ in Spokane Washington. He served 17 years as the Washington State Youth President of the Washington State Church of God in Christ.

Pastor Kinlow has been very active in the community, serving in many community organizations; Spokane Ministers Alliance, Greater Spokane Association of Evangelicals, Martin Luther King Family Center, Reconciliation Sunday, Mission Spokane, Spokane Faith Leaders and Police Alliance, and others.

He has been married to Eleise Kinlow for fifty (50) plus years, they have six (6) children’s.

Ezra Kinlow has a Master’s Degree in Theology


First Lady Eleise Kinlow

1st Lady of the Holy Temple Church of God in Christ. She is a loving wife of 52 years and the mother of six (6) children’s. She follows close by her husband’s side. She is the president of the Women Department, where she leads the women of Holy Temple gracefully. She is courageous and leads with dignity.