Minister Jonathan Mack

Minister Jonathan Mack Minister Minister Mack accepted his call into the ministry in 1987. He’s retired from the USAF after serving 20 years and from the Dept. of Defense (DOD) after serving 15 years.  He holds a degree in photography and graphic design. Minister Mack is married to Sis. Kay Mack; they have four adult […]

Minister Joel Washington

Minister Joel Washington Minister/ Sunday School Teacher Member of the Holy Temple Choir My ministry is my passion. Simply because I’m not perfect and I have never been, but I am still loved by God. He looked beyond me and saw His purpose and allowed me to walk in it and represent Him. He allows […]

Minister Amir Owens

Minister Amir Owens Minister/ Sunday School Teacher Direct of Athletic Performance – EWU Minister Amir moved to the Spokane area in 2011 to pursue his Master’s Degree in Exercises Science at Eastern Washington University. He currently serves as the Assistant Athletic Direct of Athletic Performance and head strength and conditioning coach at Eastern Washington University. Previously he served as […]