Police & Community Forum

“Bridging The Gap”

Building Trust & Legitimacy

The faith leaders of the Spokane community has formed an alliance with the police department to become a bridge in assisting to build Trust & Legitimacy between the police department and the community. Our mission is to be a voice of reason to open the dialogue between both sides to have a safe place to address those concerns and the reasons of mistrust with an openness of how do we change perceptions as well as culture that will produce a united community. Where the police are the community and the community embrace law enforcement as guardians and no longer fear them as warriors. 

There will be several forums taking place throughout the city of Spokane to address this issue and to give many diverse communities a platform to express their concerns through their own lenses. 

This next event will take place at “The Service Station”,  on January 30th,  at 4PM

All of the Spokane Community is welcome to attend

For more info or any questions regarding the forum please feel free to contact

Pastor Shon Davis at; 509-389-6205

Here is a link to view a prior Police & Community Forum

@Police & Community Forum October2015.Com

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